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National Model Pre School

The National Model School was founded in the year 1988 by our correspondent, Dr.P.N.Palaniswamy and has seen a vast growth. The school has been providing quality education to over 3000 children in the CBSE stream.

National Model Pre-Schools and CBSE Schools offer a strong education base on par with International standards with up-to-date methods of teaching which help the children become well-adapted and critical thinkers.

At National Model, the emphasis is on learning through play in an environment planned to stimulate independence, discovery and social interaction. Children are encouraged to help themselves and take the initiative in order to develop self-esteem, social competence and become increasingly independent.

" Butterfly, Butterfly, flutter around.
Butterfly, Butterfly, touch the ground.
Butterfly, Butterfly, fly so free.
Butterfly, Butterfly, land on me!
Butterfly, Butterfly, reach the sky,
Butterfly, Butterfly, say good-bye! "

National Model Pre School