Our Approach

At National Model, we believe that the best gift you can give your little one is the 'gift of discovery'. We understand that each child is unique and allow them the freedom to dream and create. We let them discover and play. We ensure that the child enjoys his time in school and also realises what is required of him.

We believe in the term 'happy schooling' and our able facilitators strive towards nurturing a joyful learning process at school with a unique Neurolinguistic approach and frequent followups where the child develops his cognitive skill sets, creativity, and artistic expressions.

The quest for knowledge is thus evident in their progressive schooling, here at National Model School. Our unique approach and the attentive guidance we provide at our school helps your child blossom into a well-balanced individual with a wide spectrum of skill sets.



At National Model, we value the close involvement of parents in their child's school work. Our regular parent meets throughout the course of the year, usually at the end of terms one and three provide a formal update on each child's progress. An extensive written report will be sent home at the end of the year.